Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Cake for a Baptism

I love to decorate cakes....but I'm not an expert at it.

I had been decorating cakes for family and friends and I was quite busy with it....and then I had Johanna...and then Grady...and then Jack....and then Sophie...and then Lydia....and then I stopped decorating cakes.

People would call and I would say...NO.  I just couldn't do it.

But I missed it.

A friend called me last week.  She told me that I could say 'no'...and that would be okay.  BUT she just wanted to check with me before she ordered a cake from somewhere else.

And you know what?  I said 'YES'....I would LOVE to do the cake.

I needed to make a cake.

She told me that she needed enough white cake for 50 people...and maybe put a cross on it because it was for a baptism.

I love it when people leave the rest up to me.  LOVE it.

I made two 12" round white cakes.  I doubled the cake recipe that I make sure that the cakes would be nice and big....and they were.  Actually, they were ridiculously big and when I stacked them on top of each other....well, it was ridiculous.

But I couldn't turn back.

I would just have to work with it.

I covered it in the buttercream icing and then I decided to go with a celtic cross.  This cake was for an Irish Catholic family....I thought it would be appropriate.

Because the sides were so incredibly high I needed to decorate them too.  I wanted to keep it simple, so I just made some vines and flowers.


We needed a treat too.  So while I was baking the cakes I also baked some cookies for us.  I tried a new recipe that I had found on Pinterest. Here it is.  But instead of chocolate chips, I chopped up two of those chocolate bunnies that I had bought on white and one milk chocolate....and I added them to the batter.  AND I added some oatmeal too. Sooooo good.

BUT then there was left over guess what?



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