Saturday, 13 April 2013

Old Photos

The ground is white outside once again.  We managed to go for a walk this afternoon...but I had to put on my snowpants, winter coat, mittens and insulated boots.  We walked across the field instead of on the laneway.  The field was 'cleaner' with snow....the laneway is all puddles and slop.

This snow and cooler temperatures has made me want to clean inside...which is a good thing.  I tackled the boys bedroom and then I ended up going through a storage closet.  I became side tracked when I got into the photo album box.  Old photos...of me, of old school pictures, of high school, of our wedding, of our babies....

I found this one.

It's me...about 30 years ago.

I remember there being another one of this same evening.  There was a tractor in the yard and I had gotten up onto the seat.  I think my sister and one of my brothers is also in the picture.  But I couldn't find it.

Then I was wondering what Picasa could do with this old photo.

So, I scanned it and then cropped it and played around a bit.

It's still blurry.

I'd like to try it with some other 'old' photos.


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