Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Old Machine Shed

We have been wanting to tear down the old machine shed for over a year now.  It was just one of those jobs that we didn't have the time....or do.

So we decided to give our guests one last job before they left.

They started by pulling away all the barn board on the outside.

The boys were eager to's Grady with his saw.

I didn't know this but when Johanna, Grady and Jack were younger, Terry had told them to never go up in the machine shed...he told them the boogie man lived up there!  He didn't want them up there because many of the boards were rotten and he was afraid they would fall through.  The kids never did go up there...his story worked!  But they were excited to be able to get up there now that they could...and have a look around.  There was a fanning's Jack cranking the handle and making it spin....

We waited until a blizzard came to remove the old tractor that had been stored in there for years.  Terry needed to use the tractor and the chain to pull it out.

Working in a blizzard is much more they are hitching the chain to one of the main poles of the barn....

And it's down!

Then they pulled away all the tin.

They actually worked so fast on this day that I missed taking just seemed to all become piles of tin and barn board and scrap within a few hours.

A job well done.

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