Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Cat in the Drain....almost

It snowed quite heavily for a bit this afternoon.  But it didn't amount to much...just a few more centimetres.  I decided to just take Jack to do the afternoon chores.  Grady wasn't feeling well...he's been sick with a flu the last few days.  The girls would be fine here with Johanna and Grady in the house.

Jack wanted me to help him put up some lambing pens with the gates he had made last week.  He thinks that Rosie is ready to lamb any day now....as well as some of the other ewes.  We worked away and got the pens made....so we were a little longer than usual.

When I came in the door I was greeted by Lydia.  Her hair was soaking wet...dripping all over the floor.  I could hear the water running in the bathroom.  I asked her what was going on and she told me that she had needed to wash her hair....as there were knots in it.  It didn't look as though she had fixed the knot problem.  As I glanced into the bathroom I saw Sophie washing Barbie's dogs in the other sink.  They were having a great time with water in the bathroom.

Grady was lying on the couch.  Johanna was up in her room.

I started to make supper.  Then there was a shriek.  Sophie screamed, "I think the cat went down the drain!"  I thought...good grief....I don't feel like looking down that drain for a cat.  But a few minutes later all was well again...she found the cat on the bathroom floor.  Barbie's little...and I mean very little...pet cat was safe after all.  We could all breathe a sigh of relief.


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  1. This sounds like it could be made into an interesting children's book.


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