Sunday, 3 February 2013

Leaves in the Ice

I took Sophie and Lydia to visit an old friend today.  She's not old...she's younger than me.  But we are 'old college' friends.  The kind of friend that you might not see very often....but it's okay...because you're still friends...and when you see each other again it's like you just continue where you left off.

We've been busy having babies, raising children and looking after our families.  We don't have much time for each other so when she emailed and invited us over I jumped at the chance because we had nothing going on and it would be a perfect day to get together.

It was just over an hours drive to get there...and even there though was was several "How much further's?" was worth it.

I hadn't been to her 'new' house...and it's lovely.

Out back they have a rink.  It's in amongst the trees.  There are paths that you follow on the ice.  Sophie had a good time.

The trees are great to grab onto when you loose your balance...

Then we noticed leaves floating in the ice.

There is a larger skating area with a tree in the middle.

A great day.  Great memories.
Thanks Beth xo.

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