Thursday, 21 February 2013

Back Roads

The wind howled last night...and I mean HOWled.  It might have snowed little bit more too.

My darling husband got up an hour early just to plow out the laneway.  Actually he went all the way down our township road too....right to the county road.  He made a path for me to get through with the van.  And it's a good thing too....because the plow hadn't come in yet when I left.  His track was still partly was filling back in with snow...but I got through.  The van groaned a few times when I hit a larger drift.

When Jack and I went back out at noon to check on Rosie, I took the camera...hoping there would be some new lambs to take photos of.  But there wasn' Jack took pictures of the road instead.  By this time, the plows had been out and the roads were good.

I love back roads. 
There are no traffic jams.
Just make sure and wave if you do meet someone....even if you don't know who it is.
Or stop and roll down your window and have a chat.
I love back roads.

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