Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Eggs in our Pockets

We have a problem here.  We put eggs in our pockets.

I don't know why but I can never seem to remember to take a container to put the eggs in when we go to do the chores.  So, we just put the eggs in our pockets.

I've lugged pails of water to the sheep...with eggs in my pockets.  I was just lucky that day.

One of the kids sat down...with eggs in their pockets.  That was not good.

A sweet girl went for a bike ride last summer....with an egg in her pocket.  She was VERY lucky.

And then there are days when the eggs go from our pockets to the drink holder in the van or they are put in the holder in the door of the van...and then we forget about them.  I have driven to town with eggs in my drink holder.

"Where are the eggs?"....if I had a dollar for every time I have asked this....

They could be in a tractor, or in the truck.  Most likely they are on the washing machine at the back door.....and hopefully they haven't rolled onto the floor.

One day a beautiful, brown egg had went from my pocket, into the drink holder, into the house and as I was setting it on the counter it rolled over the edge and into the sink...and broke.  Make me GROAN.

Why do we even bother with hens and eggs?  They taste SO good.  They are amazing eggs.

I've had guests at the farmhouse ask me what they should do with all the eggs that they collect because there is no way that they will eat that many eggs....this would be on their first day at the farmhouse....and they hadn't tasted them yet.  I let them know that they can just leave the leftovers in the fridge and I will collect them at the end of the week.  But when they leave there are no leftover eggs.  Then I read the comment that they have written in the guest book.....usually something about eating all those amazing farm fresh eggs.  And I smile.

But we have to stop putting them in our pockets.



  1. good looking family, nothing like growing up on a farm,you know what work is early in life and it sticks with you. terry

  2. Gosh, you have me giggling a storm!


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