Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Felt Hearts

St. Valentine's Day is next week!  Last year I made these sweet felt hearts and I wanted to make some more. 

I picked up some felt the last time I was in town.  It was a pack marked "fall" had red, pink, orange and brown squares of felt.  It would be perfect.

I took one sheet and folded it over and measured 9cm.

Then I pinned it.

I got out the sewer.  Sophie and Lydia love it when I get out the sewer.

Sophie said that anyone could make these hearts....because everyone has a sewer.  I told her that actually not everyone has a sewer.  But she disagreed and told me that everyone must....because even the Grinch has a sewer...."Remember when he got out his sewer to make that costume?"

Suddenly I had that image...of the Grinch....sewing the Santa suit...and getting the dog's tail jammed in the sewer.

Then we had a conversation about how the Grinch would never ruin our Christmas....NEVER!

Never mind....getting back to the hearts....

Sew the pieces together.

Then cut off the it's the same width.

Then cut down the other side.

Then open it up.

And flip it over...and line it up.  Do you see the heart taking shape?  Pin it together.

And then sew it.

Then cut it in strips.

While you are doing this you can get your assistant to put the pins back in the case.  Make sure that she is wearing a housecoat covered in hearts.

Then open up the hearts.  Lydia insisted that we make some orange ones too.  I also made some smaller brown ones....I started with a 6cm measurement with them.

Then I squished them closed and needled them all on a piece of thread.

Once they are all on, then open the hearts back they are still all squished.

I hung them in the windows.

These are from last year....I put them on the light.



  1. Beautiful, amazing blog

    1. Thanks for the comment Maria. So glad you enjoy reading it!


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