Friday, 15 February 2013

Penny's Puzzle

We said good bye to our guests this week.  They had been with us for over a month.

We have so many good memories of their adventures with us.  One night while we were waiting on supper to finish cooking, they took apart Grady's remote control snowmobile and then put it all back together.  They fixed it!  Other nights they taught the kids card games and shared their stories of Ireland.

Here is a 'puzzle' that Penny taught she would say 'good for when you have mates over'....

1. Pick a number between 1 and 10.

2.  Double it.

3.  Add 8.

4.  Half the answer.

5.  Subtract the original number.

6.  Then match the answer with a letter in the alphabet.  So A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5 and so on.

7.  Think of a country in Europe beginning with the letter.

8.  Think of the next letter in the alphabet.  Think of an animal beginning with that letter. "Big or small"

9.  Think of the colour of the animal.

I bet you are thinking of a Grey Elephant in Denmark!

It's fun when you have a room full of people and they all have the same answer.

We had moments of confusion and we'd look at one another and say "What are you talking about...or...what do you mean?"

I learned that if it's in the's in the cupboard.  The skirtin is the baseboard.  We drive around in a people carrier.  Our jelly is really just jam....and their jelly is our jello....and you can't put it on peanut butter!  They learned that when the operator says to press the pound key, she means #, not the pound symbol for a money currency.

I've caught myself saying "That's class", "That's mad", "That's mental", "What's the craic?", "Happy Days!".  The kids just shake their heads and tell me to stop talking like Penny.

We wish our new friends safe travels.....and we hope that someday we will meet again.

Thank you Penny and Norbi, not just for all the work you did for us here, but for all the great memories.


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