Thursday, 28 February 2013

More Snow...and a New Lamb!

It snowed again yesterday.  The temperature was just at the freezing it actually felt warm.  It was a 'spring' snow....the kind that's heavy and wet.

The kind for making snowmen....

...and making snowballs....JACK!

The kind that sticks to all the trees and makes the world beautiful.

It made the snow banks along the side of the roads bigger.  This gate is waiting for spring....

It made my trek with the water pails to the sheep and hens a little harder...

The kind of storm that makes Rosie lamb!
YES....that's right!  Rosie had her lamb last night.
We had been waiting and waiting for this.  Last year she lambed during a wild thunder storm in March.  I guess she was just waiting on a storm.

We covered him in love this morning.

He is so so sweet....with his black ears and feet.

But we need a name for him.  Do you have any suggestions?  Leave me comment.


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