Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Pail with the Nipple

I have been mixing up milk replacer in my spare time and making these.

Yesterday I went to town and I bought this.

I really needed two but they only had one in stock.

The twins have been needing some supplement feedings.  The bottle works....but this pail will be much easier.

The milk replacer is lumpy so I just use my hands and work out the lumps.

Then I add the water....making sure that it is the right temperature as I wouldn't want to scald any throats.  Then I mix.

The boys are the official feeders.  They go out with the pail and bottle and report back to me on how they drank.  They are doing well....both the boys and the calves.

The pail and bottle then need to be scrubbed clean.

This happens morning and evening.  I know....my life is fascinating.


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