Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My Hair Dryer Saves the Day...AGAIN.

It's cold here....ridiculously cold at the moment.  The temperature was -30 something this morning and then there's the wind chill.

Terry was so busy covering water bowls and checking on cows last night that he totally forgot about our well to the house.

Johanna got half way through her shower this morning and the water just stopped.  It froze somewhere between here and the well.  The poor girl....her hair was full of shampoo.

Terry took my precious hair know the one that's always saving newborn calves lives....out to the well.  The boys went to the barn and threw down some cover the well.  There is very little snow here thanks to the thaw that we got, and when there is no snow, there is no protection.

Meanwhile, the girls and I dropped to our knees and said a few decades of the rosary.

The water was running again within the hour!  Oh happy day!  I didn't care that it was freezing outside...we had water.  I can't live without water!

Johanna got back in the shower and then Terry drove her to school.

My hair dryer is amazing.


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