Saturday, 26 January 2013

Midnight's New Sister

Yesterday was Midnight's Birthday.  Midnight is Jack's show calf....from two years ago.  It was his first 'show calf'.  I don't keep track of the calves' birthdays...but written on our calendar on Jan.25 in Jack's printing is 'Midnight's Birthday'.  It is not to be forgotten.

When Terry returned to bed last night...or should I say early this morning...the alarm had went off at 2am....he let me know that Midnight's mother had had her calf.  It was a girl and it was already up walking around and it had already sucked.  So, he figured that it must have been born before midnight.

That would mean that Midnight's mother had calved another calf on the same date.  Midnight and her sister share the same birthday.

I was so excited I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs and baked a cake!  Time to celebrate!

Just kidding.

I just said, "That's nice."  And I went back to sleep.


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