Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Blue Robe

Johanna received a new blue housecoat for Christmas from her Grandma and Grandpa.  Sophie fell in love with the blue housecoat and decided that her life would not be complete without one.  She could not stop talking about how wonderful it would be if only she had a blue, velvet robe.  I listened to her for just about a week and then I decided to take her into town and buy her one.

On the way into town I was thinking....where am I going to find a BLUE girls' size housecoat?...I need to find it before I get to the grocery store because the grocery store is my last stop before heading back home....I wonder if there would be one in Giant Tiger?  I haven't been in that store in years.

So, I pull into the parking lot at Giant Tiger and I told Sophie that we would have a quick look in here to see if they had any.  As we walked toward the entrance of the store, Sophie stopped and said, "Umm, Mom did you say that this store is called "GIANT Tiger"?"  I looked at her face and I saw fear...she was really scared.  I told her yes, that was the name of the store....and maybe there would be a giant tiger inside....and then I see the look on her face and I reassured her that there were no tigers in there.

So, we went in and went for a walk through and there are no girls' size housecoats to be found.

As we are walking back out to the van she says to me, "Why do they call that store that?"....with a huge look of relief on her face.  I told her that I had no idea why and that I had always really wondered the same thing.  Honestly....think about it....Giant Tiger is a crazy name for a store.

So we drove across town to Walmart and we did not find any blue housecoats.  But there were pink ones and red ones and ones that were covered in hearts.  By this time, Lydia had decided that she needed one too.  She picked the one with the hearts...and I bought it.

One last stop...the grocery store.  As we walked toward the girls clothing I could see them.  All hanging in a row....BLUE housecoats!!  JACKPOT!!  She tried it on and as she put her arm in the sleeve she exclaimed, "It's PERFECT!".  She wanted to wear it around the store but I told her that she couldn't.  She wasn't allowed to wear it until I had bought it.

At the checkout, I was busy packing groceries in the bins and I wasn't watching Sophie.  When I was finished I turned around and said,"Let's go girls."  That's when I got a look at Sophie....she was wearing the new housecoat.  She told me that it was warm enough...she wanted to wear it...not her coat.  I told her that she had to wear her coat outside and that she would have to take the housecoat off.  She was reluctant, but she did it.

But as soon as she was at the van she whipped off her coat and got into that housecoat.....or ROBE as she calls it.

I was pumping gas and she was waving at me from in the van.  She was snacking on her snacks and having the time of her life.

And when we arrived home she hopped out of the van and Jack was walking down from the barn.  He was quick to notice and say, "You got a new robe, Sophie!"


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