Friday, 25 January 2013

Calves and Cold

The temperature is beginning to moderate.  I don't know what it is out there but Jack came in this morning and said it was nice out...he said it wasn't cold anymore.  I think it might be -25.

Luckily we only had 3 new calves born in the last 2 days/nights.  All are doing well.

I caught myself fiddling with the alarm at 3am this morning.  I had awoke and thought that I had set the alarm for 3am...for Terry to go out AGAIN and check on the cows.  As I was fiddling with it, he awoke and wanted to know what I was doing.  I was checking to see what time the alarm was set for...and to make sure that it was still set.  He told me that I had set it for 4am.  I honestly don't remember it even going off at 4am...but it must have.  It also went off at midnight. 

The Wednesday night sleep was all broken with the alarm going off several times as well.  That was a very cold one.  We had 2 calves born during the night.  Terry brought them into the mud room for a bit to make sure that they would warm up.  I was mixing a colostrum bottle at 3am....just to make sure they got a good start.

So glad that the temperature is warming up.  

I need to get to town and get a new hair dryer.


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