Thursday, 31 January 2013

An Irish/Hungarian Supper

Our unexpected guests are still with us.

They arrived over 3 weeks ago looking for a farm work stay.  They have been staying at Dwyer's Farmhouse and we have been providing them with meals.  I have been making all the usual fare here...homemade pizza, taco/nacho night, roast beef, spaghetti, roast meat bird etc.  I even cooked them moose one was quite good....nothing like venison.   The desserts have been pies, cakes, buttertarts, brownies, cookies etc.  I even introduced them to my Cake in a Jar....which they wanted to post home but decided against it when we found out the cost of shipping!

In exchange of the boarding and meals they have been working for us.  We have them doing all sorts of things....washing, plastering and painting walls....hauling water to the sheep and chickens....feeding horses....mucking out the barns....washing dishes.  They are excellent workers.

It has all worked out really well.  The children are enjoying them...they have learned many new card games and have heard many fascinating stories about the people in Ireland!

They have been introduced to many of the locals as they tag along with us or our neighbours.  They have been to a 4-H square dancing meeting, a hockey game in Eganville, the library (many times), a party at our neighbours hunt camp and a family birthday party....where they went for a skate!

They have now experienced two January thaws.....and temperatures that felt like minus 43 degrees Celsius.

They decided that they wanted to thank us for the experience that they have had here.  So, last night they cooked an Irish/Hungarian supper.  We were treated to many dishes including shepherds pie and langos....the kids LOVED it!  Dessert was turogomboc, walnut slice and a trifle.  We were stuffed.

This was our first time participating in a farm work stay experience....and I'm so glad we did it!


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  1. Brenda,
    Thanks for answering the call! Sounds like your workers were a good fit. I highly recommend as a way to "travel" when your kids are young (by meeting people from afar) and a way to get stuff done!


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