Friday, 18 January 2013

New Nesting Boxes

We bought some more hens and a rooster on Wednesday.  They were listed on kijiji and we just couldn't resist.  Not only were they selling the birds, but the feeder, the nesting boxes and some feed as well.  The price was right so we bought it all.

Kijiji would be our most viewed website.  Actually, it may be a toss up between kijiji and the weather websites....there are two of those.  You can't depend on need to double check the weather.  But seriously, kijiji and the weather...that's all we need on most days.

The nesting boxes are a fancy kind that I had never seen before.  They are made of plastic...and they look quite cosy.  We had always just made our boxes out of wood.  These new ones would be easier to clean.

The boys decided that they needed to put them up yesterday.  It wasn't going to be as easy as I thought.  The boxes were designed to be put on a flat wall.  The inside of this hen house is logs.  I told the boys that they could figure it out....and I'd stand around and give them moral support.

Grady measured and sawed some boards.
The hens wondered what all the fuss was about.  Aren't they all pretty in their zebra stripes?

Grady measured and hammered.

Jack hammered.
The rooster crowed.

The girls provided lots of moral support while he hammered some more.

Then Grady drilled on the new boxes.  And the girls stayed close...almost a little too close.... to give moral support.

Sophie inspected their work.  She thought the boxes were dandy.  The boys did it right.

The boxes needed some straw.
Get to work girls!  Lay some eggs!

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