Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Unexpected Guests

I received an email last Friday night from a friend.  She said that a couple had just arrived from Donegal and they were in Toronto.  They were looking for a working farm stay and she was wondering if we would be interested in taking them.

I thought....what a great opportunity!...what a great adventure!...let's do it!

They took a bus from Toronto to Peterborough on Sunday and then headed in this direction.  They got a ride into Bancroft and stayed there for the night.  It had snowed most of the day on Sunday.  Then they got a ride to our place on Monday.

They have been staying at the farmhouse and we have been enjoying their company.  They had never been to this part of the country before...shocked at all the names on the road signs along the way....Maynooth, Killaloe, Letterkenny and then Douglas has a sign that says "Home of the Leprachauns".  Terry told them that Donegal is just across the way....and we all laughed.

They are also enjoying the snow...and ready to take on any winter activity.  I gave them the snowshoes that we have and the only concern was if there was a lake anywhere on the property.  I reassured them that there wasn''s all hay fields.

We have been keeping them busying with work...they can do just about anything.

We are all enjoying meals together....and they insist on washing the dishes for me!

I love listening to the accent and the sayings.  They have also mentioned about our Ottawa Valley accent.....

She was looking at the atlas with the children this morning.  She showed them just where she is from.  It's all a great learning experience.  It's amazing what can happen when you open up your home and your life to new things.


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  1. SO glad to hear it is going well and that they can lend a hand :)I bet it is nice to have the extra company on the cold wintery days


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