Monday, 14 January 2013


Jack has already picked out his 'show' heifer for this year.  Her mother was a first calf heifer.  The calf was born in a field at our place and then we moved her and her mother to graze on the fields at Dwyer's Farmhouse for the summer.  We weaned her off of her mother in November.

Jack has had an eye on her for a while.  He got a halter on her on the first of December and has been working with her ever since.

He has decided to call her 'Twinkle'.  When I asked him why he said that it was the only name he could think of.


She has a tremendous amount of hair.  I was thinking of names like 'Woolly' or 'Fluffy'.....or even 'Presley'...because Jack says that she has hair like Elvis.

He combs her everyday....or I should say 'styles' her hair.

It's long....

Her back end is woolly too....
She's woolly all over....even on the legs.
She seems to love it when he combs her.  Look at her stretching out!
I guess Twinkle isn't such a bad name when I think about it.  I'm sure she will 'shine' in the ring!

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