Wednesday, 30 January 2013


We love barbie.

I know that if she was real she wouldn't be able to walk or breathe.

I don't care.  I loved playing with Barbie when I was small and I turned out alright.

In this house Barbie can round up a whole herd of cattle.  In an evening dress.

Sophie has suggested that we get some farm clothes for her.....but honestly I don't know where I'd find any.

Barbie and Ken drive around in a camper.  Sometimes they go to Mass.  Ken has to go to work.  Today they were driving by and I heard Sophie say that they were heading to school.  Lydia told her that they couldn't go to was raining.  Sophie just said, "Well, tell Barbie to put on a bathing suit then."

Later on in the day Barbie destroyed the mean man that was going to get into her house.  Sophie told me that Barbie has super powers.

Barbie keeps these two little girls busy for hours and hours.

Thank you Barbie!


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