Sunday, 20 January 2013

Marshmallow Dips

It rained again last night and then the wind howled and I mean HOWLED.  When we awoke this morning the ground was covered in a sheet of ice.  We went to Mass and then I came home to have an 'inside' kind of day.  Terry and the boys went out...and Johanna too....but Sophie, Lydia and I stayed in.  I went out once to dump the compost but I nearly flipped on the ice and the wind was back howling again.  The temperature dropped this afternoon and it's going to get cold this week.  We are to have 3 days of really cold....I think it's to be -30 at night and only highs of -25 during the day.

I cleaned up at the door...that's one place that always seems to need a cleaning.  We read some books and made a new puppy house out of a box for Sophie's stuffie puppy "Twinkle" even has a roof and doors and windows that open and close.  She was quite happy with the job I did on it.

Supper came and I was just feeling lazy.  We had this and that.....leftovers that needed to be eaten!  Then dessert came and we needed a treat.  I hadn't any baking made.  Then I thought of the white and dark chocolate slabs and marshmallows I had bought before Christmas.  I thought that we would have marshmallow dips as a treat over the holidays but we just never got around to it....there were too many other treats to eat!

The kids were thrilled when I pulled out the chocolate.  While we waited for the chocolate to melt, I did the dishes and Johanna prepared all the different 'dips'....chopped almonds, crushed graham wafers, smashed peppermints, coconut and sprinkles.

Then the dipping began....


I think my favourite was the white chocolate with coconut....or maybe the white chocolate with almonds.....or maybe...
They were all amazing.
I got a belly ache.
My sensitive teeth screamed.


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