Thursday, 17 January 2013

Ice on the Pond

There was a severe, record drought this past summer.  The little pond that we have in the field by the house completely dried up....which was actually normal.  But this past fall the pond didn't come back...not even when we did get some rain.  As it got colder, the kids were disappointed when they realized that there would be no pond to skate on this winter.

But, luckily, the temperatures climbed just enough this past weekend to melt some snow.  That and along with some rain brought the pond back.  Jack even created a bit of a dam to keep the water from flowing away.

They have been watching and waiting and checking the pond all week. 

This morning was perfect.

Sure it was -30 with the wind chill....

But I couldn't stop them.

And actually, with the beautiful sunshine it didn't feel all that cold.


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