Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Mock Beef Show

Johanna, Grady and Jack belong to our local 4-H Beef Club.  They show our beef cattle at the local fairs.  Johanna and Grady have also shown at the regional fair and Johanna has had the opportunity to show at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.  They enjoy showing the cattle...but Jack would rather show sheep.

The club has many new, younger members this year and they decided the best way to teach these kids how to show would be to have a mock show.  They made arrangements to use the barn at the fair grounds.  A couple of senior members brought some animals that were quiet and had been shown many times before to work with.

They divided the group into teams and let the older members teach the younger members what to do.  They washed and dried and clipped and groomed the animals first. 

I missed all this....I had a few things to get done at home....and I thought it would be just too long a day for Sophie and Lydia.  I told them that we were going to a beef show and of course they were disappointed when we got there and they realized that there were no rides!  I told them that it was a pretend show....but that didn't help the matter.  What's a beef show without any rides!

When we arrived they had all just changed into their show clothes.  The show was about to begin!

They had a guest judge come to give them all sorts of tips and tricks.

There was a lot of information for these new members to absorb.  They went over everything from how to walk in the ring, set your animal, reset your animal, line up in a line, change position in the line, speak to the judge......


Then they went over some clipping tips.


It was an excellent day...for both the older and younger members.  4-H is all about learning to do by doing....and that's just what they did.


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