Tuesday, 18 June 2013

An Old Window Gets a New Life

This past winter I found an old window leaning up against one of the buildings.  I took it and brought it into the house and sort of hid it.....I was afraid that it would be broken into pieces and thrown into the furnace.  It was old...and I liked it.

I thought about what to do with it.....I wanted to make it into something special.

I love quilts.....and I decided to attempt to make one.  I had a bag of scrap materials...so I went through it and cut everything into four inch squares.  Then I sewed them together....and it actually looked like a quilt!

I asked Terry to put a piece of barn board on the bottom of the window....to create a shelf.

I had collected some old glass bottles while on a walk in the bush last fall.  I love old glass bottles....they are all different shapes and sizes.  I scrubbed them up and put them on the shelf.

While on a walk in the spring, I clipped some branches off of some sort of weed/bush that grows on the side of our road.  Then I glued sparkles onto it.

We had been using this old paint can to collect the eggs.  I don't know where the boys found it...but I like it.  I put the branches into the can and then set it onto the shelf.  I'll have to find another container for collecting eggs or we'll be back to putting them in our pockets!

I found the bird's nest in a little bush back in February.  The girls were fascinated with it...it even had pieces of baler twine in it.  I had put it in the cupboard...saving it for something special.

I finally got around to putting the window up today.  I decided to hang it over the tub in the bathroom.


When I look at the quilt I see one of Terry's old work shirts.

I see a cotton baby's blanket.

I see a pair of Jack's old jeans....that I had to patch twice in the knees before he outgrew them.

I see a baby's sleeper...that was covered in spit stains.

I see a wool sock...that had a big hole in the bottom.

I see a cotton maternity dress....that was so worn and faded that I actually flipped the material over and used the other side.

I see love.

I see my life.

I am so blessed.



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