Monday, 3 June 2013

Saturday Morning

The sheep had a spa morning on Saturday.  They all got makeovers and they are looking fabulous.


While the sheep were relaxing and getting full attention, I was in the kitchen making an apple pie.


And the girls were playing with the kittens.


And the sheep were still being sheared.


And the pie was baking in the oven.  Sophie now has the camera....

And the girls were taking pictures of the kittens.  They took many, many are just a select few.....

And the sheep were still being sheared.....
The pie was finally done in the oven.  I made buttertarts too.  I have this problem...when I turn on the oven, I have to bake more than one thing.
Here is the big bag of dirty wool....packing it in!
The sheep are all naked and loving it!
And the pie is all gone!

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