Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sheep, Fries.....and Birds

Johanna, Grady and Jack are members in our local 4-H Sheep Club.  They have an annual family barbeque for one of their meetings....and we all really look forward to it.

They make French fries at this barbeque.

We don't have a deep this is a real treat for us.

These French fries are better than the ones at the local chip stand.  These fries are amazing.

And we can eat as much as we want.

There was other food there too.  At least I think there was...I was concentrating on the fries.

And then there was dessert...I had taken some buttercream icing filled chocolate chip cookies.

I had another plate of fries.....for dessert.

But then I had a cookie too.

And then I was full.

But the very best part of the sheep meeting happened after I had left.  Terry had taken the boys in the truck and I had drove the girls in the van.  Terry and the boys were still there when I left.

When the boys arrived home they set a little box inside the door...and then went back outside to finish up some chores.

I thought....what's this....and I had a peek in the box.

Yes....more birds.  I don't even know what kind they are.  The sheep boys are also bird boys.  They breed hens....all different kinds....

Just what we need....more birds.  These ones are so loud.  Sophie was complaining that she wasn't going to be able to sleep.

I just hope that they are hens....and not roosters.

We'll wait and see....


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