Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Bird's Nest

Jack was checking the fences all around the sheep field last week.  He told me that he saw a bird's nest hidden in one of the bushes.  It had a few eggs in it.

He showed Johanna on the weekend.

Then it rained....which was a blessing.  Rain is good.

This morning, I finally had a chance to trek across the field with Jack.  I got wet up to my knees...but that didn't matter. 

It was so worth it.

As we approached, the mother bird flew out of the bush.  Another bird, we think it must have been the father, chirped loudly at us.  He was sitting on the hydro line just above us.

Then as I moved the grass away to snap a quick photo, the father swooped down on us.  He was MAD!

One of the eggs has hatched.  I saw the little chick move.


We only stayed for a moment....we didn't want to cause a disturbance.

New life is so amazing.  So beautiful.


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  1. Baby birds are SO pathetic and vulnerable!! My goodness. And somehow, they are also SO beautiful, scrawny and bald as they are. Amazing that they grow SO quickly!


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