Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Telemarketer

Have you ever hung up on a telemarketer?

If you did, did they ever call you back...immediately...and yell at you?....and call you illiterate and say that you are from a bad family?

This happened to me last night.  The phone rang and I was busy...but I answered it.  He started talking and I couldn't get a word in...and then he told me to turn on my computer and get it booted up and get it on the desktop.  Then he said that he would wait for me to do this.  Then I hung up.

Then he called me back and told me that I was illiterate and that I was from a bad family.

I tried to settle him down.

I explained to him the meaning of the word illiterate.

I told him that I could call him all sorts of nasty things because he was the one that was going to hack my computer and steal my personal information.

I asked him if most people just hang up...or do they actually say that they aren't interested.  He said that they ALL say that they aren't interested before they hang up.  I figured that he must have been calling everyone in the Ottawa Valley....and I was the first rude one.

Then I asked him how he got my phone number....and where exactly was he calling from.

He didn't like my questions.....and he nearly hung up on me.  But I warned him not too....because that would mean that HE was illiterate and HE was from a bad family.

The conversation went on for over 10 minutes.....and then HE hung up on ME.


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  1. Whoah, I always hang up on telemarketers. Most of the time it's always a pause when they first call, and I wait just in case it turns out to be family calling. Then once they start the speed talking I just hang up.

    They always seem to call at bad times, and I hate being interrupted when I'm in the middle of actually washing the dishes or cleaning (James thinks it's a rarity...I'm usually napping or hollering at the kids), or at meal times! Just drives me nuts.

    Meanwhile, James will just listen to the person & say he's not interested at the end of the speech.

    Difference between me and him....he's got lots of patience!


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