Friday, 14 June 2013

A Distraction

It was a perfect day to get some things done.  The boys were busy cutting the lawn and whipper snipping.  I took a notion to paint.  I've been meaning to finish some of the trim and a few doors needed to be painted.  I have done a lot of painting in this old's a chore that just never seems to be finished.  Usually I paint at night after the kids are all in bed...but today I figured that the girls are old enough and I should be able to paint without them 'getting in the way'.

First, I had to scrub everything down...and no one seemed to bother me when I was doing this.

But as soon as I started to paint, I heard....

"Mom, I'm hungry."

"Mom, I need a snack."

"Mom, I need a drink."

"Mom, you painted this.  Will it come off my fingers?"

"Mom, I want to read to you.  Will you help me?".....good grief.  How do you say NO to that.  It was Lydia...this past month she wants to read all the time.  She knows quite a few words by, she got the reader and sat at my feet and read to me....and I helped her with the words that she was stuck on.

The painting was being interrupted....and I was ready to quit.  I asked the girls if they would just go outside for awhile....and they actually did.  But it was only for a minute and then they came in screaming with excitement.  They said that I HAD to come out and see this.  So I did.


They said that he was SO CUTE.  I thought it looked like a pickle.

I said that he was great....because he was a distraction.....from me painting.

They watched him for a while....and protected him from Ruby.

But the best part was that that frog distracted them....from me painting.  They came in the house and they played with each other like they normally do. 

And I got all the first coat on.

But I will need to get the second coat of paint on.  I think I'll do it when they are asleep.


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