Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Teeter Totter....that's worth a Million Dollars

The other day I heard Sophie come into the house.  She hollered, "Mom"....and I could tell by the tone that it wasn't good.  She was upset about something.  I told her that I was upstairs, folding clothes.  Then she came stomping up the stairs and into my room.

She said that Grady would not make her a teeter totter.

I responded with a "uuuh?".....I didn't even know that she knew what a teeter totter was.  There isn't one at the playground.

I continued to fold clothes.

Then she said, "Maybe if I paid him....then maybe he'd make me one."

I said that might be much did she think he would need?

"Maybe a million dollars."

I looked up at her and I saw her glancing at the dresser.  Then she headed toward it.

I told her that I didn't have quite that much....but she was welcome to have the $0.17 on the dresser.

She took it and headed back down the stairs and outside.

It was only a few minutes later and I was downstairs when she came through the door.  She came into the kitchen and placed this on the table....

She was delighted....he had made it for her.

I was a little shocked.  I was expecting a full size teeter totter for her to ride on.

I said, "Who is it for...Barbie?"

She said was for the puppies

What was I thinking??....of course it was for the puppies!

She said that it would need to be painted.  So, I got her all set up and she painted it.

And now the puppies have a teeter totter.

I asked her later if she had given the money to Grady and she said that she hadn't.  I think he was actually making it for her when she was in getting the money.....



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