Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Fluffy Hen that Sat

The boys have become a little obsessed with trying to get hens to sit on eggs.  I have no idea why.  We have an incubator....but they don't want to use it.  They want to see a hen sit on the eggs for 3 weeks and then have them hatch under her.

They have tried many different hens.  They would put her in a separate pen and put eggs under her.

So...some days they come it and say that it's not going to work....she isn't going to sit.

And some days they come in and say that she's sittin'....and all is well.

And honestly, I didn't realize that there was a hen sitting on eggs.  I thought that there were too many days of "she is not going to sit".

I was a little surprised on Monday when Grady said that 4 eggs had hatched from a hen that had been sitting.  He said that she was sitting on 5 4 out of 5 is pretty good.

I went out to see.

SO, SO CUTE.  Beyond cute.  Delightful!

See the little beak hiding in her fluffiness....

Then we made her get up because I wanted to see them all.

This hen has personality......look at the look she gave me!

I think she talks to them and calls them 'little darlings'.  And they all listen to her.  They love her!  Can you not see the love?


Now I get it.  This is so much better than using the incubator!

SMART boys!



  1. Phew! I was a little behind in my reading but I am all caught up. You've had quite the busy month.

  2. haha! Thanks for reading Janice!

  3. How cute! Our hens are definitely not the "sitting" type, but who knows? I doubt very much that I could get my teenagers to try to coax them, though!

  4. They make good mid-wives those kids of yours :)

  5. What breed is she? I couldn't see her feet but she looks like our silkie (though he's a rooster). Very sweet post!

    1. She is a cochin. I actually had to ask Jack...I still don't know all the different breeds! It's amazing how much they have learned from being in the 4-H Chicken Club. They know more than me.


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