Saturday, 29 June 2013

People at the Market

I had my first Farmers' Market day for this year yesterday.

The Farmers' Market is fun.  It's a place to visit and meet lots of new people.  I find that it's mostly seniors that shop there. 

Sometimes they give me words of wisdom. 

Sometimes they need someone to listen. 

Sometimes they just need buttertarts.

Senior couples are fun.  The woman will tell her husband NO...he does NOT need anything on my table.  And then he will reach into his pocket...hand me the money....and take what he wants.  His wife will shake her head in disgust and call him a kid.  But he doesn't care....he smiles at me....and I smile back.

As a senior gentleman approached my table he asked me how I was doing and then I politely asked him the same.  He told me how he had buried four friends this past winter.  He follows a strict regimen...he works hard...he will not grow old without a fight....he feels amazing.  Then he asked me what was in my buttertarts....and then he bought some.  That made me smile.

Another gentleman decided to tell me some 'old' school stories.  He said that there was a bush out behind his public school.  In the springtime, he and his buddies would spend their lunch hour drinking all the sap out of the buckets on the maple trees.  Then they would rub their bellies all afternoon....they would all feel so sick.  Then he told me another one...but before he did he said, "Why am I telling you this?"....and I said that I had no idea...but just tell me another one.  He said that the science teacher told them that the next day they would be going on their annual field trip to the bush....out behind the school.  So, that evening, him and his buddies got ahold of one of their father's pin up magazines.  They took all the pictures and put them up on the trees....right on the trail that the science teacher would be taking the class the next day.  He said that it was 'just good clean fun' one ever got hurt....but they were just bad lads.  I couldn't help but smile.  Seriously....that's funny.

Market people are unpredictable....and that's what makes it fun.

And sales were good too.


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