Monday, 11 March 2013

Time to Tap


On Friday the temperature climbed above freezing.  The sun was glorious!  It was a great day to get out and tap the trees.  As soon as Terry removed the drill, the sap poured out.  This tree was just spilling was running outside the bark and even dripped on our heads!
Then I gave Johanna the camera.  I always like to see her angle of things.....



  1. Hi Brenda,

    Funny, I was just thinking about the Andrews/Dwyers and who would be tapping the trees since the weather has been kind for the sugar bushes.

    Then as I did a search to see how the cake jars were doing, and came across your blog.

    Great photos, hoped everyone enjoyed the day out!


  2. Glad you found me, Susy! Thanks for all the comments. We are getting ready for the big parade...I will try to get some good pics and video!


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