Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Walk

I went for a walk today.  That's nothing new.  I usually go for a walk everyday....except when it's too cold or too windy...I REALLY don't like when it's windy.

I took my camera.  I don't have a fancy-smanshie camera.  It's just a very cheap camera.  Maybe someday I'll invest in a better one.  But it takes photos, so that's good.

I was taking a photo and I took it with half sky, half snow.

Then I thought maybe I should take it with more sky....and less snow.

and then take one with less sky and more snow. 

That didn't work.  Ruby got in my way.  Let's try again.  Big sky, little snow.

Little sky, big snow.

Then I tried it where the cows are.  Big sky, little snow.

Little sky, big snow.  I don't like all the weeds in the snow.  It's better when it's all white.

One more time.  Little sky, big snow.

Big sky, little snow.  I like this one best.

No wait....I like this one best....


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