Monday, 25 March 2013

Miss Piggy

So, two weeks ago...on Sunday, March 10th...I took the girls out to entertain for the early St. Patrick's Day festivities.  We went up to perform at the Irish Play in Pembroke and then stopped on the way home at the Douglas Tavern...the "Diddley".  It was a day for the kids to take the stage at the tavern....and there were nearly 40 of them.  They fiddled and step danced and was just amazing.

While we were away that day, Terry took the boys for a Sunday drive to check out some cattle that were for sale down the road.  They looked at the least I think they did....but all they could talk about when we all arrived back home was a pig.

They couldn't stop talking about the pig.

She is a mama pig and she is due to have piglets.

And she was for sale.

Now, I don't know much about pigs.  I know that when they have their babies, they sometimes sit on them or eat them.  And when the piglets are born you have to do something with their teeth...cut them out or something.

It was just all too much for me.  I said that I just couldn't handle a mama pig.

We've had pigs here before...they were just weaners.  You just have to feed and fatten them and then send them off to the butchers.  I can handle that.

But they couldn't stop talking about the pig.

Then Terry said that it would be fine.  They had pigs when he was growing up....he could handle the pig.

FINE.  I said. Get the pig.

She arrived yesterday.  Pearl and Nora were on the welcoming committee.

She is really big....enormous in fact.  Her ears and her snout are huge too.

She sort of makes me nervous. 

But her eyes look gentle.  Her name is 'Miss Piggy'....but I really don't think she knows her name.  She is three years old....Lydia said, "Same as me!"

She grunts a lot....but I guess that's what pigs do.



  1. WOW! She is very enormous. She reminds me of the wild hogs they have down south. Good luck with that and looking forward to the stories to come! LOL

  2. I was thinking (while cleaning our house today) about your blog Brenda. Your writing and photos are great and would make a beautiful bound book that you cold print annually through and leave a copy in the farmhouse and print one for your own family, like a yearbook :)

    1. That's a great idea Julie! Have you made anything through Blurb? I've been on their site...I was thinking of having Sophie make a book. I was wondering if it's good quality.

  3. I have made quite a few books with Blurb. Quality is AMAZING, price is right,software is easy to use. I am working on a family recipe book with photos right now on Blurb.


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