Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sheep Talk to Each other

Remember 'Special'?

Well, he's small and his mama doesn't seem to have much milk.  So we've been bottle feeding him to help him out a bit. 

And we've been letting him stay in the mudroom at night....because it can get chilly...and his mama doesn't like him much...actually none of the sheep seem to like him.

I've decided that sheep talk to each other.

This is what they say...

Special:  You wouldn't believe what the inside of their house looks like!  They have this heated floor that I lay on all night.  It's so warm and cozy.

Sheep:  Oh, yeah.  You're joking.

Special:  No, I'm not.  It's amazing.  I'm sure they will take me back again tonight....they love me so much.

Sheep:  Oh, be quiet!  You think you're so special.

Special:  YES!!  I am!  That's what they are always calling me!  I'm Special!

Sheep:  No you're not!  You're annoying!
.....and then she gives him a big head bunt

Jack then intervened.  Special was hurt.....his leg.

Jack brought him back into the mudroom.  He made him a splint out of an empty toilet paper roll and then wrapped it with hockey tape.

Special has been sunning himself and resting all day.

He especially enjoyed when Johanna practised her fiddling and Sophie stepdanced.  He said, "Baaaa"....the entire time and nearly jumped out of the box.

Jack has decided that he wants to take him on the St. Patrick's Day float....and then maybe show him at the fair.

We'll see.

He's special.


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