Friday, 1 March 2013


I placed the roasted leg of lamb on the table and started to carve into it.

Lydia:  What is that and what did it look like?

Jack:  It's a leg of lamb.  Do you remember Patrick and Patricia...the two lambs that we had last summer that always got out and ran around on the lawn?

Lydia:  Yeah

Jack:  Well, this is Patrick.

Grady:  Mom, how much lamb is left down there? (in the freezer)

Me:  Not much

Johanna:  Well, there can't be anymore legs...because we already had one and this is two...and there are only two legs.

Jack:  He had FOUR legs.

Johanna:  I know that!  But you only get two back.

Jack:  Well, the other two are stew.


When Terry arrived home, he came through the door and asked what was for supper.

Sophie:  It's lamb.  But don't worry Dad, it's not the one that was born this morning.


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