Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A 'Special' Lamb, A Calf with a Mask and a Sick Girl

I awoke at midnight to hear a small voice say, "Mom".....and then the noise of vomit splattering against the floor, walls and door.  My dear sweet Sophie was sick.

I changed her pajamas and settled her back in bed with a pot.  Then I scrubbed.

She woke every hour on the hour....for the next four hours to vomit again.  But she got it in the pot every time.

Terry got up for work and I tried to get back to sleep.

Then I heard him coming up the stairs....this was at 5am.  He came into our room and said that he needed help.  'Socks' was having trouble calving and 'Piggy' the ewe was having trouble lambing.

Jack and I headed to the sheep.  Piggy looked as though she was about to give up.  There was only one hoof showing...and there should have been two.  We stood around and watched her for a bit...and I prayed.  I would need help pulling this one. 

Then Terry arrived.  'Socks' had calved and all was well.

Jack held 'Piggy' so she would stay still.  Terry and I worked at the other end....and I mean worked.  It didn't look good.  With only one leg to pull...we were afraid it would break.  The head came but the other leg was still pulled back.  We worked and pulled.....and prayed. 

And then all of a sudden it just all came out.  We wiped it's nose and wrapped it in a towel.  It was alive.  'Piggy' lay down and we placed it in front of her but she was just so exhausted she couldn't even lick it off.

The barn was cold and we couldn't just leave it there.  So, we wrapped it up and brought it into the kitchen.

By 8:00am it was running around....all over the kitchen, down the hall....the kids put up a make shift gate so it wouldn't go into the living room.

I decided to call him "Special".

When we took it back to 'Piggy', she was up and eating and she had cleaned.

We worked with it to nurse....all the sheep wanted to welcome it back.

or maybe they just really enjoy whispering in Jack's ear!

Meanwhile, 'Socks' and her new calf were also doing well.  'Socks' was Grady's show calf two years ago and this was her first calf.  He had called her 'Socks' because she looked like she was wearing socks.  'Socks' had a calf with socks...and a mask too!

She's so cute!

By noon, Sophie was feeling much better and things around here were returning to normal...whatever that is.

And the sun is trying to come out!  It's time that this snow started to melt.  This road sign is nearly covered with the banks.


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