Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sophie and Lydia were sick during the night so I didn't make it to Mass this morning.

So instead, I attended the Mass celebrating the Solemnity of St. Patrick at St. James the Less Parish in Eganville this afternoon.  It was lovely.

The young priest preached an excellent homily.  He started off with a joke that I quite enjoyed.  It went something like this....

Patty O'Brien went out one night and didn't come home.
A couple of years later, his wife decided to report him missing at the police department.
She told the sergeant that we was missing and the sergeant asked what he looked like.
She said that he was very tall...around 6' 2" and he has blonde hair and blue eyes.
The little lad beside her was tugging at her arm.  He said...MOM, that's NOT what Daddy looks like!
And she said....Well, we don't want HIM back!

I made a few treats to celebrate today....

Wishing you all a blessed St. Patrick's Day!


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