Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cleaning Alfalfa Seed

Remember this?

It was in the loft of the old machine shed that we tore down.

It's a fanning mill.  I think it looks like something from the circus.

Seriously, I'd like to know why someone painted it up so fancy.

We've been using it to clean some alfalfa seed.

The boys have been turning this....

into this....

They pour the mix of pods and seeds and stuff into the top...

and then they crank the handle.

The pods and 'stuff' fly out the back and front....

and even down into a drawer and the bottom....

Wait a minute...the drawer is empty....this thing isn't working right!

JUST KIDDING.  The drawer was full but Grady had it taken out and dumped and put it back in before I even could see what he was doing.

So, anyways, the pods and 'stuff' get separated from the seed.  It all falls from the top, down onto a tray and it gets all shook up.  Then it falls onto this separator sheet with holes.

All the pods and 'stuff' fly everywhere, while the seeds pour out the side.  Luckily we had a salt lick handy for Lydia to stand on and watch.  It's always good to have a salt lick close by.

The whole thing shakes all over and makes an awful noise...but it does the job.

I just love all that fancy paint work....that would look good on the tractors too....


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