Sunday, 2 February 2014

Trying to Knit

I've been knitting.

Or should I say trying to knit.

I took a 4-H knitting club back when I was a teenager and I wanted to give it a go again.

And it just so happened that our local library was offering a knitting course.

There are so many beautiful things to make.

I want to sit and relax and make my needles click.

But that's not happening.

I was 'trying to knit' one evening and Johanna said "Mom, you look so mad."

And then Terry said, "You aren't going to continue to do this...are you?"......and

"Why don't you just bake a are really good at that."

They see my frustration.

They miss my baking.

But I'm one of those 'I don't give up until I get it done' people.  I love a challenge.

And I've found it.  Remember the distracted stitch?

I can take a simple infinity scarf on round needles and put a twist in it....and then run out of yarn as I'm casting off.

But it still looks fine....because I just twist it again when I put it's just a little extra twisted.

Sort of like my knitting.

Here's the amazing scarf.....Lydia took a picture of me....and then I took a picture of her....

My teacher has so much faith in me that she has me knitting these Newfie mitts.

I'm so confused.

I wanted to try another infinity scarf...this time on straight needles.  It's just a 'simple' seed stitch.

So so easy....especially after you watch a few youtube videos and read about it in a book.....some say it is to be done on an even number of stitches and some say an odd number.  But really all you do it knit your purls and purl your knits.



I started this scarf three times in one night....and all I could get was a rib stitch.

That's when Terry suggested I bake a cake.....and I was tempted to just quit.

But I kept going and eventually my rib stitch turned into a seed stitch....and it's had moments of rib stitch again.

But I'll just keep going.

Oh....and I did take a moment to bake a cake.

But then I delivered it to a party.

So we still didn't have any dessert.....and I could see looks of disappointment.

I think I'll bake something.....for us.  For Terry and the kids.


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