Friday, 28 February 2014

On the Last Week of February....

On the last week of February......

I wore a toque...inside the house.

I worked on income tax.

I saw a little mouse run across the road.

I bottle fed a calf....several times.

I made homemade sweet and salty kettle corn on the stove.  WHY did I not realize how easy it is to make this sooner?  It is out-of-this-world amazing.  I will never buy popcorn in a bag again.

I entered Sophie's bedroom without typing in the 'passcode'....and I got in trouble.  BIG trouble.

Jack and I tried to unthaw the hand pump with 4 jugs of hot water.  On a normal winter day it will unthaw with one or two jugs but because it's the last week of February it wouldn't unthaw....not even after 4 jugs.  So I lugged the water from the house for the sheep and hens....and I could hear Mother Nature laughing at me....because it's the last week of February.


I took Sophie and Lydia grocery shopping and I told them that they could get one treat.  They agreed on a box of Creamsicles.  When we came out of the store it was dark and cold and the snow was blowing and the wind was howling and they were both wanting a Creamsicle.  My fingers were froze and I was opening Creamsicles in the parking lot and handing them to them....and they were happily eating them because it's the last week of February and we are now so cold that we don't even know that we are cold anymore.



  1. Oh my, that is so funny! Lily came home last Friday, and showed me this paragraph she wrote at school. It even had three popsicles, one of each creamsicle.

    1. Glad to know we aren't the only crazy creamsicles! It's unbelievable how much ice cream they eat all winter too.


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