Monday, 24 February 2014

Sweet Sixteen

Johanna turned 16 today.


I looked through some old photos this morning.

Bad idea.

Very very bad idea.

Old photos make me cry.

Where has the time gone?

Then I got the mail and there was a letter.

A letter from my doctor...our family doctor.

He is retiring. 

I was shocked.

He was the first guy that Johanna ever laid eyes on.

When she was born.

And today is her birthday.

She grew up.

And he retired.

All in the same day.



  1. Same here...old photos make me cry

  2. Happy Sweet Sixteen Johanna!

    I already miss my kids being babies. Not the physical exhaustion, but watching them grow and their happy giggles!

    1. It's really the best part of life....watching your children grow and seeing what they become. It's so so amazing.....but for some reason you always long for them to be babies again.


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