Thursday, 20 February 2014

They Don't Read It.

I was asked on the weekend if my kids read this blog.

Are they excited about the nomination and the possibility of it winning an award?

uuummmm. NO.

They don't know about the nomination.

They don't read it.

Oh wait a minute.  Jack needed to look something up last week....and he used the blog.

He wanted to know when we put the new horned dorset ram in with the ewes.

I couldn't remember. 

I remembered that it had snowed.  A lot.  And they sent me to pick him up.

And then I remembered that I blogged about

So he looked it up.  All he wanted was the date.

He was trying to figure out when those ewes are going to lamb.

My blog is a resource for dates of when things happen here.

For keeping track of ewes that are in lamb.

That's what it's about.


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