Thursday, 13 February 2014

It sucked.

New calves are coming everyday now.

It's all we talk about.

We use short sentences and it's like we are speaking a language only we can understand.

It's like this....

It sucked.

The feet are there.

Did it suck?

Did you put her in?

Do you think it sucked?

Did you put her out?

I don't think it sucked.

She needs to be put in.

She lickin' it off.

It's sucked.

Put her out.

Put her in.

The water broke.

There's another one.  It's fine.  It's good.

It sucked.



  1. What does "Did you put her out?" and "Did you put her in?" refer to?

    1. That's a great question! All the heifers are in the barnyard that are close to calving but if it looks like she is pritneer gonna calve...probably within the next couple of hours....then she needs to be 'put in' the barn. And then if she has calved and the calf is resting...and has sucked....the heifer can be put out for a drink and eat with the other heifers in the she can be 'put out'. But I should have written in the blog that Terry would have actually said to the boys when they come in the house "Did youse put 'er in?" Or "Did youse put 'er out?" That would have been better.


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