Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Crush

Sophie was so excited when she got off the bus the other day.

She announced, "Jimmy has a crush on me!"

I acted dumb.

I said, "WHAT.  He's going to CRUSH you?  That's bad news."

She said, "Ummm.  No Mom."

She shook her head and walked away.

Jack wanted all the details....and she talked up a storm with him.

Then Terry arrived home from work.  She met him as soon as he walked in the door.

"Jimmy has a crush on me!"

Terry said, "Oh.  Really.  Is he going to sit on you?"

I couldn't believe it.....he had the same reaction as me.

She looked at him and then she looked at me.

She groaned.

I think she thought she had the stupidest parents in the world.

She rolled her eyes and then said, "I THINK it means that he's IN LOVE with ME."

I just smiled at her.

And then she said, "He told me that he wants to marry me."

And she has been talking about weddings and marriage and having babies ever since.



The name of the boy has been changed to protect his identity.....because it's a small town....and this is the internet....


  1. Where on earth do they come up with this stuff? Mia came home the other night and told us she is in love with 3 boys. I said "in love, what does that mean?" She tells me, "oh it means we are getting married, but not right now, we are still kind of young". I couldn't stop laughing...

    1. That's funny...3 boys!! I'm not's all perfectly normal. There was a wedding that took place at recess under the monkey bars when I was in grade 2.....and we all turned out okay.....I think.


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