Monday, 17 February 2014

Family Day Weekend

We have been celebrating the Family Day weekend.

With family.  and music.  and cake.

It all started on Friday evening with the 4-H Square Dance Achievement night.  Last year I was able to take lots of photos....that post is here.

But this year I was a dancer.  A boy dancer.

I swung until I was dizzy....very dizzy....and I made lots of mistakes.  I asked Terry to take some photos of the kids but I think he was too busy laughing....I could hear him I danced.

Oh well.  It was fun.

Then I decorated cakes. 


And we went to parties.

Skating and ice fishing on Calabogie Lake with the Andrews'.

and cake eating.

Then to my Uncle L.J.'s 60th Birthday Party at the Douglas Hotel.

He already has 8 grandchildren!

The music was so good and I was too busy visiting to take photos.....but we ate more cake...



  1. Oh these are lovely photos!

    Would I be able to get a digital copy of the grandchildren photo? The ones I took weren't as nice as this one!

    1. Of course Susy! I will message James on facebook to get the email address to send them to. I had to edit my photos....the lighting was terrible. I have a nice one of Emily and Joseph too. I'll edit my best ones and send them to you.


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