Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Old Days

Sophie got home from school yesterday and she said to me, "I miss the old days...when we played outside."

At first I thought she was talking about last week.

Because last week she played outside.

This week she has not played outside because it is so brutally cold out.

She goes to school and they can't let the kids out for recess because it's just too cold.

So they have had a full week inside.

But she wasn't actually just missing the 'last week' old days.

She was missing the 'summer' old days.

She started to talk about riding her bike and buying a fancy cycling suit.  I have no idea where she gets these ideas....a cycling suit....??

Then she sat at the kitchen table and started to draw.

She was missing the 'old days' of green grass.....and picnics....and leaves on the trees....

and riding her bike.

She thinks that maybe she is now old enough to ride on the road.

I told her that there are lots of rules when you ride on the road.  You have to be safe.

We talked about the bike rodeo that is usually held at the school in the spring....they could teach us all about safe riding.

She suggested that I could ride the van along beside her when she goes on the road....just to make sure that she would be safe.

And then she asked, "Do you need a driver's license to ride a bike into Douglas?"



  1. Such a great artist!!! I miss summer too :) Can't wait to see you guys again, missed reading your blog while I was away.

    1. Did you see the puppy in the cart in the first picture?....and another puppy in the second picture? She is still puppy crazy! Can't wait to see you guys again too. Spring will soon be here and we'll be tapping least that's what I keep telling myself! That would be a good time to visit!


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