Saturday, 4 January 2014

So cold

The last couple of days have been exhausting.

Arctic air came down and sat on us.

Yesterday morning felt like -38*C.

We pretty much have to ignore all those warnings about not going outside.  We have animals to care for....and an outdoor furnace to heat our house.

All we talk about is the furnace....and animals....and frozen water.....and the cold....and what we are going to eat next.

Seriously....a body needs a lot of food when it's that cold.

Luckily, I cooked a 20+ lb. turkey on New Year's Day.  There were lots of leftovers for soup and oven rice and hot turkey sandwiches.

We have drank all the hot chocolate.

Terry was called in to work the last two nights for snow removal in the my 'holiday' from doing outdoor chores abruptly ended.

But the worst is over.  Things are looking up.....and so are the temperatures.  When I went out this morning at 4am it only felt like -26*C....the actual temperature was -19*C.  It felt good.

It is suppose to snow and be -3*C by tomorrow.

Maybe I'll get out my shorts.

But probably not.



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