Saturday, 11 January 2014

Rice and Onion Squares

We made gingerbread houses during the Christmas holidays.

Then the boys ground up the houses with Jack's grinder....after they had eaten all the candy off of them.

We ended up with a big bag of ground homemade gingerbread...with bits of royal icing.  It smells incredible.

The other day I made up a pan of squares....I used the ground gingerbread, butter, coconut and sweetened condensed milk....and melted chocolate on top.

The squares weren't 'set' yet when we were done eating supper....but it was one of those nights that we just didn't care....we needed to eat them NOW....most nights we put 'unset' squares in the freezer for an hour and then eat them.

When I cut into them, Sophie shrieked....'what did you put in those....rice?....I HATE rice!'

Terry was quick to say, 'and onions....don't eat them....they're awful.'

I assured her that it wasn't was coconut.

Both Sophie and Lydia were disgusted....they weren't going to eat them because of the coconut.

But they were so so good....even better the next day....when they were 'set'......just like a chocolate bar...only better.

I made another pan this morning and when I was mixing them up, Jack saw me and said 'Oh mom!  Are you making the rice and onion squares?  YES.'

I also made up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and I substituted half of the flour for the ground gingerbread.  They are really good too.

mmmmm.....gingie.....I love you.



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